Landyachtz Deck Switchblade 38 Crown Peak

Landyachtz Deck Switchblade 38 Crown Peak

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The 2020 Switchblade 38 Crown Peak longboard skateboard deck is the perfect mid-sized board for those who love to have ultimate control of their setup.

This rigid free-ride board has a high W concave in the middle of the deck which creates some comfortable pockets to dig your feet into securely.

With a platform measuring 9.8" wide and a 29" wheelbase, this free-ride deck is perfect for any rider who wants to pop in and out of slides with ease.

Want to tune this baby for some technical downhill riding? Get the advantage by top-mounting your trucks and throwing on a set of 74mm RAD Advantage wheels!

If freeride is your game, Set the Switchblade 38" Longboard deck with 181mm Bear Grizzly trucks, a set of smooth 70mm Hawgs Mini Zombie wheels and Beasto bearings.